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a ガゼット fanfiction community

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aoi_x_uruha is a community dedicated to the (fictional) romantic/homoerotic relationship between the members of the JRock band ガゼット (Gazette) , 葵 (Aoi) and 麗 (Uruha).

ヤオイ(yaoi) - This is a YAOI or BoysLove centric community. Please do not join if you a) don't know what YAOI is, b) are offended by beautiful men depicted in romantic or erotic relationships with one another, or c) have a problem with fans pairing up the members of ガゼット (Gazette) in general or 葵 (Aoi) and 麗 (Uruha) in particular.

That said, if you're still here, welcome!

Here are some rules you'll need to know:
what you can post...
- Fanfiction
- Fanart
- Fansite links
- Graphics (this includes wallpapers, icons, colorbars, etc)
- Cosplay photos (especially those including yaoi ^^ but you can post the normal ones too)

how to post...
- LJ cuts are required for : ( < lj-cut text="blah" > cut stuff < /lj-cut > [remove spaces])
cosplay photos
- for fanfiction please ALWAYS POST with the below format:

Chapters: please indicated "#/#, #/?, or oneshot" (this is for archival purposes)
Author: < lj user="your username here" > [remove spaces]
Genre: what is it? fluff, smut, violence, abuse? label it
Ratings: in the intrest of saving confusion, and following die_shinya in stating the ratings, I have opted to use the US system.
G - Lacks cursing, lacks adult situations, lacks any real violence. think Disney fairytales.
PG - Lacks excessive cursing, mild adult situations, some violence. think Lemony Snicket.
PG-13 - Mild cursing, escalating adult situations, escalating violence. think Harry Potter.
R - Cursing, adult situations, sexual scenes, violence. (too many to example easily)
NC-17 - Excessive sexual scenes, excessive violence, language, and adult situations. (not going there)
Pairings/Characters: Pairings here. Please please please, I'm old school, if you're writing (a lemon especially), please list them in propper order. *coughs* I don't like going into a fic hopping to see *absolutely random example* Tsukasa getting screwed by Karyu, only to find Tsukasa doing the screwing. Comprendez-vous? It's confusing.
Synopsis: what's your story about?
Comments: wanna add something for people to note before reading? here's the place for it.

- Other rules:
Be nice. Keep on topic. Questions are always welcome (though if it's not about the band, please direct it to the comm email address or kiku_kitten). I don't mind intro posts, but please bring a gift *winks* or a question.

To be archived you MUST format your fic with the above formatting. I will not spend the extra time trying to determine a fic's status, type up a synopsis, any of that. If it's not formatted, it's not archived.

If you would like to be excluded from the archive (what a shame), please make note of it in your comments. Any fic without a blaring "do not archive" will be archived if it follows format. All fics however will be eventually linked by pairing and maybe author in the community's memories.

Final Warning
This is a yaoi community for yaoi fanfiction centric on Aoi and Uruha, members of the Jrock band Gazette. If that offends you in anyway, please leave now. I will not tolerate bashers, flamers, or any of the hater-like people. You will be band and reported to LJ.

This community is in no way affilated with the band Gazette or it's members. It's contents are fictional and for entertainment purposes only.

More to come, banners, etc. Welcome and have fun.

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